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Onepay Tracking SystemsOnepay Tracking SystemsOnepay Tracking Systems


Not too long ago, people used to call Taxi Cabs or other cab services from personal contacts to go from one place to another place in the city. But then everything changed with on-demand mobile app cab booking services such as Bols and Uber.

Considering the volume of the money that these companies were pumping into developing their hegemony (as a matter of fact, in the beginning, these companies operated at losses because of the high wages that they were offering to car owners and drivers), a lot of people decided to join this model.

And this is where it got tricky.

What makes this business model tricky, especially in a country like Kenya, is how it works. Considering the oil price hikes and adjustments witnessed ever so randomly.
The bigger problem is what owners of these cars face. Considering the road conditions and how hired drivers maneuver the cars that they do not own, it is a big risk to let another person drive one�s car.

The bigger problem lies in a situation where you decide to drive your car. In order to earn a decent living from Spotify or Uber, it is suggested that one must have a 9+ driving hour a day.

Considering the condition of roads, traffic and everything between them, 9+ hours a day is a routine that will give nightmares to people who are not used to driving for a living.

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