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Car trackers are a very useful invention. They guarantee safety, accountability, and prevent one from sustaining huge losses to property. They are relatively cheap, but the service they provide is invaluable. They are also fairly easy to install and use.

Car trackers are used very widely because of these exact reasons. TrackerZone is a company that provides high-quality car tracking services at low costs. If you are a car owner in Nairobi, you should definitely try them out.

TrackerZone provides customer service round the clock and has a variety of car tracking features to choose from. For all the good that car trackers provide, can they have a bad side, too? Are car trackers invaders or privacy?

How are car trackers bad for privacy?

A lot of people argue that car trackers can be used for stalking, intimidating, and invading the privacy of people.

Location is something that a lot of companies track down. A lot of advertising and marketing companies use this data to show tailored ads. Location data is also obtained and resold further.

There are also cybersecurity risks, with companies being open to driver data and privacy. Hackers come up with newer ways to obtain information and with these risks, the automotive industry is very susceptible.

The fact that hackers can see when and where you are, puts not just you at risk, but your home, and possibly your family, too. That is a scary thought.

It is a danger to lives if not handled properly. A lot of insurance companies also enforce the use of car trackers, which means that it might be impossible to choose not to use them. The trickle-down effect of this could end up in lives being put at risk.

Among the information someone’s location data can provide is:

  1. Your home.
  2. The money you earn and other lifestyle things that can be based on where you live.
  3. What kind of job you do.
  4. The places you visit.
  5. The different routes you take.
  6. Your gym schedules.
  7. Your vacation locations.

What are the prevention measures?

Some of the things you can do to prevent these untoward situations from happening are:

  1. Reading the privacy policy of the company you are buying the tracking system from.
  2. Knowing about your rights as a customer.
  3. Being aware of local laws and rules against data sharing and reproducing.

Always make sure that policies and procedures are very clear and straightforward. Vagueness can lead to companies taking unfair advantage of data.

There are a number of devices on the market that guarantee data safety and security. One of them is TrackerZone.


The aforementioned reasons are enough to invest in a car tracker that provides you with good services and at the same time, takes care of your privacy.

Data safety and privacy are important aspects that should never be overlooked. One must always be careful before using any service that might have something to do with this kind of data.

This is why TrackerZone is the best bet you can choose. Their safe and secure platform provides great service at affordable costs.

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